Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard
Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard
Wilgenweg 3
2964 AM Groot-Ammers
+31 (0) 184 784 111 - info@avonturenboerderij.nl

Play, discover and learn!

Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard is a family adventure farm park located in the beautiful polder landscape of South Holland. Experience acres of outdoor family fun through cow milking, horseback riding, visiting the old mill, finding your way out of the willow maze and many other activities. Meet all our adorable farm animals, discover the amazing effects of water and learn more about old crafts. Taste our delicious traditional food and enjoy all park shows with happy sing-along songs. A fun family day of Dutch farm adventure awaits at Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard!


Ga elke maand met Fien & Teun op avontuur!

- Maart: Lammetjes Maand met Mike & Molly
- April: Lammetjes Maand met Mike & Molly
- Mei: Onderwater Maand met Kikker
- Juni: Vroege Vogel Maand met Pino
- Juli: Rollen in de Modder Maand met Peppa 
- Augustus: Rollen in de Modder Maand met Peppa
- September: Kaas Maand
- Oktober: Paddenstoelen & Pompoenen Maand
- November: Winter op de Boerderij
- December: Winter op de Boerderij